Media Testimonials

GEN ART uses strategic marketing and brand partnership to support emerging talent and introduce them to a consumer audience. While similar sponsorship organizations have emerged in recent years…few have yet to churn out stars as consistently and successfully as GEN ART has and we can’t wait to see who they introduce us to next
— Elle
GEN ART, the champion for emerging talent in arts and entertainment
— Time
Sponsors love GEN ART, because the audiences they court—young, urban, hipsters…is an advertiser’s dream
— indieWire
GEN ART, a breeding ground for young talent in arts and entertainment…
— Forbes
A strong GEN ART show can move a young artist out of obscurity and into the spotlight with blinding speed
— Crain’s New York Business
We love that GEN ART didn’t employ the traditional…(The GEN ART New Garde Fashion Show)…the best thing that happened on any catwalk all week
— Huffington Post
The return of GEN ART may be the most high-profile Los Angeles Fashion Week news
— Los Angeles Times
GEN ART Showcases Future Stars Of New York Fashion Week.
— Forbes
Their Fresh Faces in Fashion program and ongoing sponsorship of young names had helped designers like Zac Posen and Phillip Lim break into the industry—without the program it was considerably harder, if not impossible, to make it onto the fashion week calendar
— Elle
GEN ART is making a strong push to incorporate social causes into its events…We loved that GEN ART didn’t employ the traditional move of tacking the cause onto the show as an afterthought.
— Huffington Post
The GEN ART Film Festival makes every other festival look like a senior citizens dance
— Variety
ever heard of Zac Posen, Rodarte, or Philip Lim? That’s right, GEN ART helped all of these big names get their start
— Refinery29
There aren’t many Fortune 500 CEO’s that wouldn’t give a lot to have a guaranteed entrée into that demographic… 21 – 35 year old set… they’re media savvy, cynical about advertising and they have other things to do. There is no better place to find those folks than a GEN ART event.
Seven films, seven shorts, seven parties, seven nights. That’s the straightforward set up of the GEN ART film festival, which kicks off its 16th year in business tonight. Catering to young trendsetters, the fest…has devoted itself to selecting undiscovered gems for its NYC premiere.
— Metro