New York City, the mid-90s. A group of friends – a mix of young artists and newly minted professionals – were just starting out after college. The artists needed a way to show their work, and the corporate kids wanted to buy art. They all loved great parties, and so they started throwing them in a Lower East Side loft. Friends invited friends. Word spread. One night Heidi Klum rocked the dance floor. Another, Moby took over the DJ booth.

In 1995, this magic became a mission: launch generations of filmmakers, fashion designers, musicians, and artists. For twenty years, Gen Art has curated the hottest fresh faces and showcased them at incredible events, welcoming a coveted mix of members, industry elite, celebrities, and press. This is the Gen Art community that comes together to celebrate young promise.

In 2015, Gen Art evolves as a new media platform and talent incubator for today’s highly creative, collaborative, and innovative age.  We are artist-first always. We are passionate about those transformative moments in a young person’s career when it begins to really take shape.

OUR MISSION / To explore and innovate the path to artistic success, to nurture the most promising fresh faces, and to inspire future generations of artists.