White Labeled Events

Gen Art works with corporate brands to create and execute custom white label programs highlighting specific campaigns or key touch points. Each program is designed to provide an inimitable and immersive brand experience for consumers and industry influencers through live interactive events and extended digital experiences.

We have enjoyed building these programs with various notable brands including, Quaker, Clorox, McDonald’s, Haddad Brands, Acura, American Express and many more. Take a look at a sampling of some of our most recent projects with which we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating.

Success Stories

The Catdance Film Festival experience

Gen Art worked with Clorox/Fresh Step to produce the highly anticipated Catdance Film Festival during Sundance Film Festival in Park City, UT. The event showcased 5 scripted short films all about cats, created by emerging filmmakers in the industry and selected by a panel of cat and film influencers. Each event also featured various cat-inspired activations to engage guests including, a 3D cat art room, cat makeup and tattoos, cat photo booth and more. One winning filmmaker of the competition was selected to receive the coveted golden litter scoop and a cash prize of $50,000.

The Nike Levi’s Kids Rock fashion show

Gen Art produces the Nike Levi’s Kids Rock! fashion show in NYC which showcases children models sporting the latest collections within Haddad Brands empire. For the past five seasons, we have overseen PR, front-of-house, and back-of-house production. Every season the show benefits a celebrity athlete’s foundation, each one is a nonprofit organization that gives back to those living in under-served communities. Additionally, each foundation focuses on three key focus areas – education, recreation and community outreach.

The McDonald’s Pop-Up Dinner Experience

Gen Art was hired to event produce a pop-up dinner experience in Los Angeles launched by celebrity chef Neal Fraser who secretly served reconstructed McDonald’s food in a gourmet setting – all to change the perception of the fast food chain. Hidden cameras were set up throughout the venue to capture the reactions of patrons as the chef unveiled his “secret.”

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